Top Paint Colours for 2012

Canadian House & Home Magazine is promoting their January 2012 issue with their trendy choices for paint colours. So if you're planning on doing some redecorating and aren't sure which colours to pick...a trendy choice is always a good option. Be sure to watch for accent colours...acid yellow isn't recommended for an entire room!!


Here's the link to their colour choices:


In terms of an investment in your property, painting is one of the best AND least expensive ways to give your home a fresh, updated look and will help sell your home for more and faster, too.



When you buy a brand new property, the colours in the show home are rarely the colours in your home once you take possession. "Builders beige" or white are the customary colours you can expect in your property once you move in. Make sure you get clarification about your expectations once it is move-in ready!



What's your favourite home decorating colours? Do you like a white "Martha Stewart" kitchen? Do you like warm or cool colours in the bedrooms? Tell us! We want to hear from you!




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