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A friend and client of ours had us over the other day for dinner and she was talking about her wall that she had painted with chalkboard paint. Her daughter was able to draw and scribble on the wall with chalk and of course easily wipe off too. It was pretty cool! I hadn’t seen that on a wall before and the fact that you can get it in so many colours is very unique – the typical black, but also beige, brown, pink, purple, blue etc. What a neat idea. Now I’m considering something like that for our little one.


I checked out a website that has a lot of decorating ideas and you might want to take a look at it: . You can search by room, style, location, projects, idea books. You can even download it as an app on your iPhone.

This website actually has a bunch of photos from different people that have designed their home with space set up for kids with chalkboard walls.


If you want to find ideas on putting together or organizing your home office, this website has some ways to make your work space work. There’s even an example of an office set up in a closet!


If you would rather search by Product, you can check out flooring, lighting, storage or windows and doors. Lots of brilliant ideas to design and decorate your home.


If you have a website that you like or have some cool decorating ideas, tell us!


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